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 Press Release: published in the Quail Creek Crossing newspaper published by Robson Corporation. Press Release: December 15, 2014
From: Pottery-Sculpture Club of Quail Creek – POTS Studio
POTS Board
Submitted by: Patricia Thoresen

The new Pottery & Sculpture Studio is now open.
POTS Studio members and all Quail Creek residents are invited to stop by the Pottery Studio in the new Quail Creek Arts and Technology Center. Quail Creek residents and staff are welcome to sign-up for POTS Studio certification class sessions in General Studio Operations which will begin on January12. All certification classes will continue throughout the month of January and will continue to be scheduled for February and throughout open hours as need arises.
  Open hours for the POTS Studio, Mon., Wed., Fri.-1-4 pm and Tues. & Thurs. from 9:00 am till Noon. A Monitor will be on duty to welcome you and help you get involved with this new Quail Creek creative activity.
Take a look at the calendar on the POTS website at The weekly and monthly schedule of the Ceramics Club and the POTS Studio is listed for you to read or print out. Residents can also sign up for membership during open Studio hours. The membership fee for the year is $24.00 or prorated on a monthly use for part time residents.
The Studio is encouraging residents to sign up for volunteer positions to help the Studio run smoothly. Committees inviting your help are; Monitor Committee, Membership Committee, Equipment and Facilities Committee, Supplies Committee, Publicity and Website Committee and other positions. The POTS Studio Board is also looking for a Secretary. Sign-up sheets will be available during open Studio times.
 “Beginners are our specialty”. Members are welcomed at all levels, advanced to absolutely no experience in working on the potter’s wheel, hand building with clay and making clay sculpture.  Highly qualified and experienced instructors will be conducting the basic Certification Class sessions as well as forming classes for further advancement and introduction to the many facets of making projects in clay.
Come to the POTS Studio first members meeting of the 2015 season- January 22, 2015-7:00-9:00 pm in the new POTS Studio in the beautiful new Creative Arts and Technology Center. Meet the Studio Board, instructors, and other Studio members. Get plugged in to the plans forming for February and March and into the spring!
Get detailed and up dated information on the POTS Studio web site at This web site contains announcements about meetings, special events, certification sessions, classes, instructors and has calendars for monthly Studio schedules. You can phone POTS Studio president; Pat Thoresen at 395-6027.

Written by: Patricia Thoresen 

 Most recent announcement article: from the Quail Creek Crossing newspaper published by Robson Corporation.

Testimonials from people who have worked with Patricia through her involvement as a longtime volunteer in community activities.
 Testimonial from Margaret Bloomburg: 2015

“As Editor of the Quail Creek X-Tra, a community monthly newsletter, for almost four years, it was always a pleasure to receive contributions from Pat Thoresen.  She could be counted on to present great copy with proper grammar and adhere to the restrictions that had been put in place for this newsletter.  When dealing with her personally, we came to expect prompt professional attention. She comes highly recommended from this organization.”
Margaret Blumberg, Editor, Quail Creek X-Tra

 “I have worked with Pat Thoresen for over four years, publishing articles she has written for our community newsletter, the Quail Creek X-tra.  Writing for multiple organizations in Quail Creek, she has always been able to organize her material, focus on the salient points, and present her ideas clearly. She is responsive and prompt when follow-up is needed.
Because of her keen interest in photography, she has also been able to illustrate her articles with photographs that add significantly to the impact of her writing.
I can recommend Pat’s work to anyone who has a need for copywriting and photography.”

Dianne Thomson
Design & Layout Editor
Quail Creek X-tra

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