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Tru-Lite Skylights is a family owned and operated business, bringing years of dome and skylight manufacturing experience to the table.  Tru-Lite Skylights strives to "Brighten Every Day, the Natural Way" with a variety of skylight choices for the commercial, residential and do-it-yourself markets.  We are proud to manufacture a variety of quality products which bring both vibrancy and relaxation into the life of your family, plants and pets.

Natural light is fundamental to all living things.  More than any other element, light, with its many moods and variations, can greatly assist us in making a house a home.

We manufacture high quality, standard and customized skylights. Each skylight can be retrofitted with a dome of your choice. If you are working with an architect or designer, we can add our expertise and work together to make your dreams come to life.

What sets us apart is the time spent with each customer, sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience.  We assist our customers in making the best choices for their specific needs and budget.  The more you know about skylights, the better choice you'll make!

Tru-Lite Skylights has endured these economic times by listening to our customer’s needs. We believe this has helped us to develop more eco-friendly products that reduce our carbon footprint and provide energy savings for our customers.  We owe our success and gratitude to our many like-minded, faithful customers and their recommendation

#1- “Explore the Green Valley Area”
After a restful night’s sleep in the clear crisp air of Southern Arizona, experience breakfast with the residents. Choose from a list of a variety of restaurants. Experience the Arizona Family Restaurant off Interstate I-19 at the Esperanza exit. This friendly “blast from the past” restaurant is an original establishment that could easily be called an “icon” of Green Valley culture.

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Their extensive breakfast menu is served all day.

At the next exit, south on I-19, via Continental Road, head southeast, toward the Santa Rita Mountain Range.
Head east on Continental Road to the four-way stop at Whitehouse Canyon Road and La Posada. 
Turn left into Posada Java and pick out your choice of excellently prepared box lunches, bottled water, and drinks for the morning trip to explore Madera Canyon. This Coronado National Forest site is a recreation and nature wonderland with camping, hiking, picnicking and World-renowned birding. Stop off at the first sign on your right into the park at the Proctor Pavilion Here you will find excellent interpretive exhibits that will orient you to the entire unique Sky Island geological and Riparian eco systems. Experience an easy 1-mile stroll on a paved loop trail, wheel chair and buggy accessible. Get immersed in the smells, sounds and sites of this riparian, water way eco system, of the Madera Canyon. Hear the roaring or trickling Madera Creek, depending on the season. Smell the moist vegetation as you proceed along the creek through the dappled light of the mesquite Bosque (forest). Relax on a creek-side bench to listen to some of the 100s of variety of birds.  Check off your bird sightings on the pamphlet provided by the Friends of Madera Canyon. Head up the Canyon Road and stop at the Santa Rita Lodge to again spend some time sighting many birds that populate the Lodge’s feeders. Take the opportunity to photograph these many birds as they conveniently perch almost close enough to touch. Continue exploring the Madera Canyon area as you drive up to the top turn-around and park at the Mt. Wrightson picnic grounds. You will find this area of the canyon to be the trail head to many well-maintained hiking trails, rated from moderate to difficult. Consult the trail interpretive board to pick out a trail to explore after you devour your box lunch. Experience golfing in this amazing Sonora Desert and Sky Island Mountain location. Head on down the mountain from Madera Canyon in early afternoon for a game of golf at one of the area’s 8 golf courses. Or lounge by the pool, go shopping in nearby Tubac or just take a well-earned siesta, Southern Arizona style. For a relaxing evening in Green Valley, enjoy dinner out at one of the area’s many excellent restaurants. On Duval Mine Road, east off La Canada’, take the kids and family to Two Sisters Pizza or Triple Play Restaurant. These two casual restaurants are side-by-side. Here you can all enjoy great pizza or the best burgers in town and then hit some balls in the nearby batting cage, play 18 holes of miniature golf or punch some arcade games. Collapse in front of a good movie at the Desert Sky Cinema, on Duval Mine Road at the exit off I-19. Be entertained by a live performance at the Community Performing Arts Center on West Continental Rd. (This is an example of a “Sample Itinerary” article for a tourism site.)